Leechwell Garden

Here are the monthly posts I wrote about the Leechwell Garden, a community garden in the heart of the South Devon Market Town of Totnes, click on the title to go to the article:

The late December Garden

Gold and Frankincense in the late January garden

Pale promises and lambs tales in the late February garden

Tightrope walkers and a Geisha Girl in the March garden

Bee bread, benches and a crow’s nest in the April garden

Springtime frolics, sudden snow falls and careening swifts – looking back at the May garden

Flowering dogwood, bachelor’s buttons and a living fossil – the garden in June

Watering cans, wild flowers and swifts – looking back at the garden in July

Hedgehogs, hyssop and strewing meadowsweet – looking back at the garden in August

Crab apples, arsenic and suburbia – the September garden

Birches, shaggy ink caps and a wagtail: the October garden

A blackbird, some old apple trees and a deserted bench – the garden in November

Short on colour, high on drama – the garden at the turn of the year


Other Leechwell Garden-related posts:

A Goldcrest graces the Leechwell

A solitary bee story

More solitary bees and their unsavoury friends

One of my favourite early spring bees

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