Fishchowter’s Lane

Fishchowter’s Lane is an ancient footpath not far from our house. The Lane has a rich history, dating from at least the 12th century when it was part of the main road from Totnes to Dartmouth. There are various permutations of the name (Fishchowter’s, Fishcheater’s) and as many theories as to what the name means.

I have tried to catalogue how the Lane changes during different seasons in the photographs shown below.

Photos from March 26th 2018

Beginning of Fishchowter's Lane, Totnes
Near the beginning of Fishchowter’s Lane
Fishchowter's Lane, Totnes with wild garlic and traffic preventer.
The watery section of the Lane with a traffic preventer
Opposite leaved golden saxifrage on Fishchowter's Lane
Opposite leaved golden saxifrage


Totnes Castle viewed from Fishchowter's Lane, Totnes

Totnes Castle viewed from the upper part of Fishchowter’s Lane





Photos from April 22nd 2018

Yellow Archangel on Fishchowter's Lane, Totnes
Yellow Archangel
Wood Sorrel on Fishchowter's Lane, Totnes
Wood Sorrel
Fiddlehead Ferns on Fishchowter's Lane, Totnes
Fiddlehead Ferns

Photos from May 9th 2018

Spring growth on Fishchowter's Lane, Totnes
Spring flowers including wild garlic
Wild Garlic on Fishchowter's Lane, Totnes
Wild garlic along the Lane
Bumblebee feeding from Yellow Archangel on Fishchowter's Lane, Totnes
A bumblebee visits the Yellow Archangel

Photos from June 6th 2018

How the leaves create a green tunnel on Fishchowter's Lane
As the leaves grow some parts of the Lane become a green tunnel
Foxgloves wiht bumblebee on Fishchowter's Lane
Foxglove with bumblebee
Speckled Wood butterfly on Fishchowter's Lane
Speckled wood butterfly
Femal solitary bee collecting pollen from flowers on Fishchowter's Lane
Female solitary bee collecting pollen
Wall Pennywort on Fishchowter's Lane
Wall pennywort in flower

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