The March of the Beekeepers

If you were in Parliament Square in London yesterday, you would have encountered a colourful selection of people, including some dressed as bees, beekeepers dressed in their protective suits and people carrying fruit, vegetables and honey.  This was the March of the Beekeepers organised to try to get the neonicotinoid insecticides banned.  The concern is that these chemicals may be harming  the health of bees and other pollinators and contributing to the decline in the numbers of these insects.  Here is a video report on the March.

I have written a post expressing some of my thoughts on this topic on another blogging site.

2 thoughts on “The March of the Beekeepers”

  1. Thanks for your more detailed explanation on the other site, I’ve seen those studies mentioned in the press but it’s good to have someone explain exactly what happened. Hopefully others will follow Waitrose’s lead…


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