Art and science on the Jurassic Coast

The 95 mile stretch of Dorset/East Devon Coast, the Jurassic Coast, between Exmouth and Studland was designated a World Heritage site in 2001 in recognition of its unique geology which, with its exposed rocks, offers a timeline for geological change over 185 million years.  The Jurassic Coast has provided inspiration for scientists from the early days of geology and now a unique project, Exploratory Laboratory (;  ),  aims to bring artists and scientists together to provide new ways of seeing and describing this part of southern England.  Exploratory Laboratory runs for 30 months from 2010 until 2012 and consists of an exhibition, a symposium, commissions and a learning project.  The exhibition is currently at the Bridport Arts Centre and I visited it recently.  It is a fascinating exhibition and well worth a visit if you are nearby.  It shows work from scientists involved in finding new ways to map the Jurassic Coast to see how it changes and a set of art works inspired or influenced by science.   The science-inspired work on display does not relate to the Jurassic Coast, which is a pity, but the aim of the overall project is to generate a series of new art works based on the interaction of artists and scientists that will be displayed along the Coast.

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